TTF Conjoin

Our services have been combined into packages that help serve a particular goal for our clients. These solutions are what we call "TTF Conjoin".

Business Strategy for Business Model & Brand Identity | Market Entry

Strategic Management | Strategy Consulting Services for Start Ups


Have an idea but not sure about how to create a business out of it? TTF Consultants helps you with strategy planning, to create your business model after thorough industry research, such that the company understands its potential. Thereafter, we help you to develop and build your company's brand, such that there's brand awareness in your chosen market. This approach helps companies to overcome the initial inertia, which may prevail due to the non-recognition of products.

Create Brand Recognition through brand management | Branding Strategy


How is your brand recall within your chosen target market? This is a bottleneck for a large proportion of companies. To be able to reach market potential, a company must be known, i.e., for its brand and/ or product/ service. TTF Consultants specializes in finding a niche for each company and creating a brand that resonates with the chosen consumer group, subsequently enabling higher organic growth. For this, we understand your company and its intended benefits for the target market segment. According to this, we create or enhance your brand and promote it using optimized product marketing and brand marketing strategies.

Brand recognition in the target market segment | Brand Marketing Strategy
Leverage Product Positioning & Brand through SEO, SEM & digital marketing

Growth Strategy | Using Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy


You may be a known entity in your market but are you able to meet your targets and grow beyond? To witness business growth, it is essential that the company continually engages with its target market through more relevant messaging and better product positioning. TTF Consultants indulges in leveraging marketing and sales strategies to enable growth. We use social media to talk to consumers in a uniform voice and address the need for the product/ service. We devise a marketing strategy that focuses on growing traffic from both organic marketing and paid marketing. Based on consumer behaviour, we devise an appropriate price & promotion strategy to appeal to the targeted consumer segment. Given the need to lure in more consumers, we build a business development strategy, by creating a sales pitch for the company and providing sales training to the related departments, such that the company talks to its consumers like one individual and delivers on its promises. These steps consequently boosts upselling and cross-selling of products within an organization.

Market Penetration Strategy & GTM | Highlight Product Positioning & Brand


Is your product not striking the right chord with your chosen consumer base? Or are you unsure about how to sell it in the selected market segment? TTF Consultants helps curate a Go-To-Market (gtm) strategy for your business or product/ service, such that it highlights the product need and the brand of the company.

We understand the market and product/ service potential, and amalgamate the two to create a business model and a unique positioning for the company, which resonates with the consumers. Thereafter, we ideate brand strategies and product marketing strategies to highlight the product/ service's uniqueness and what the brand stands for. This approach creates awareness in the market, further enhancing market penetration via consumer recognition and consumer loyalty.

Leverage Product Positioning & Brand through SEO, SEM & digital marketing

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