Business Strategy

Corporate Strategy | Strategic Management for Small & Large Businesses

Strategy planning for business using industry analysis.


Got an idea but not sure about how to take it forward? Leave it to us. At TTF Consultants, our group of business strategy consultants, study the industry, your identified market and existing competitors to come up with a robust business strategy for your company. This strategy may be limited to industry analysis and goal creation or could extend to the business model and process innovation, in accordance to your company requirements.

Strategy planning for business using industry analysis.

Corporate Strategy

Who are you? What problem are you solving and in which market? What sets you apart? What is your end goal? We help you craft a better corporate strategy, to gauge your relevance in the defined market.

Strategy planning for business using industry analysis.

Business Plan Creation

Who are you serving? What need are you fulfilling? What are the channels of revenue creation? You can witness higher growth with a defined strategic framework and ongoing strategic management.

Capability & Process

What is your USP? How are you serving the consumer base? Are you deriving optimal results? Our boutique strategy consulting services and market development strategy shape your business development by leveraging your value proposition.

Product Strategy | Go to Market Strategy for Start Ups

Growth Strategy for business expansion.


Cannot find a way to further your business goals? You can count on us. TTF Consultants does a deep dive into your company's target market and analyses your market offerings; this enables us to offer a bespoke solution with a market penetration strategy, customized to your company's needs, which helps you grow and acquire a larger market share.
For early stage businesses, it is observably difficult to carve their own niche in a competitive market. We create meticulous organic and inorganic business growth strategies, to rear you for greater market penetration and larger customer acquisition.

Product strategy for better product positioning and market penetration


Have your market offerings captured the intended market share? TTF Consultants analyses your company's offerings and finds the right product-market fit. Your products evidently speak for your values and your company.
Our product strategy analyses your existing product range, identifies ways to enhance your offerings, optimizes your product range and paves ways for product launches. This leads to better market penetration, which helps you capture your targeted market share.

Go to Market strategy for a new product launch.


You may have that unique product or service for the target market, but are you making enough headway? We can help you with a comprehensive market entry strategy. TTF Consultants analyses the market, understands the market segmentation and its requirements, to craft a tailored go-to-market (gtm) strategy for you. Through this, we create a unique selling proposition for your product/ service.
Our gtm strategy solutions encompass geographical expansion plans as well.

Business Transformation as a corporate level strategy and at business unit level strategy.


Business is dynamic. During the course of business, there comes a time where you find alternate ways of addressing a market requirement; or you may wish to undergo a business transformation and change your product/ service line entirely. We help you through this business transformation period. A smooth business transition leads to the evolution of businesses. TTF Consultants helps amalgamate your existing market offerings with your projected scope of business.

Digital Transformation of Existing Businesses | Business Transformation

Digital Transformation of business to keep up with technology advancement in business.


Technology is fast reforming businesses. It is, therefore, imperative for businesses to adapt to technological changes and embrace digital transformation, which drive consumer demand. TTF Consultants creates a strategic framework for this digital transformation that helps companies to digitally transform themselves and helps businesses to digitally transition to address future requirements. We study the market trends, evaluate technology requirements and changing consumer behaviour to formulate a "Digital Transformation Strategy".

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