Brand Strategy

Creating Brand Awareness using Brand Management & Brand Marketing


A brand is an asset for every company. "Brand" helps the market to recognize an establishment for its unique proposition, that addresses their needs. Today, branding is a crucial exercise as it sets apart one establishment from another and targets the identified market segment, for whom the products/ services are best suited. A brand influences the degree of a company’s market share. Optimal product positioning and brand marketing enables companies to lure the target consumer base and better serve their loyal customers.

Today, as more companies set foot into the marketspace, the company’s brand has inevitably become the most relevant element that captures eyeballs and customer recall. A brand enhances the effectiveness of a company's marketing practices, sales pitch and shapes the market penetration strategy.

Creating a Brand Identity | Brand Strategy for Brand Awareness

Brand Creation

Who are you? What do you stand for? Create your own identity in that market.

Brand Management

Is your brand optimally positioned in this ever-changing market? Maintain your brand identity through ongoing monitoring, social listening and market analysis.

Brand Awareness

How is your brand’s market penetration? Enhance your brand presence via brand communication and brand marketing, to get more consumer eyeballs.

Brand & Customer Engagement

Is your brand speaking to all its customers? Are you addressing all customer queries and feedback? Better brand engagement with your target market will lead to better brand recall, leading to higher customer conversion.

Rebranding as Brand Strategy | Market Branding for Target Audience


A brand is an extension for what a company stands for. There are instances where a brand does not reflect the vision and mission of a company, thereby creating a void in its market presence. TTF Consultants understands your company's ideology and its products/ services; and curates a whole new brand identity for your company – one that resonates with your company values and your prospective customer base.

On the other hand, some companies do not re-invent their brand positioning to keep pace with the changing times. As a repercussion to an antiquated brand, companies end up losing their customer base. This where the focus shifts to "restoring a brand". TTF Consultants finds ways to keep the brand's essence while re-aligning its other brand elements to the current times and its existing product/ service range. Staying relevant is key.

Rebranding using marketing segmentation | Brand Recognition


Is your brand positioning reflecting your company’s vision and value set? Is your brand resonating with your target consumer group? If not, you may need to revisit your brand strategy.

Brand Restoration

Is your brand reflecting values from the past? Is your brand presence dwindling in the new consumer market? If yes, you need to reposition your brand or launch a new brand positioning, one that is in sync with the current market scenario.

Brand Consulting for brand building in the target market | Brand Pyramid

TTF’s Brand Pyramid: How does a Brand create value for the company?

TTF Brand Pyramid that shows how brand image creates market share

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